The Arabist : Budapest Studies in Arabic

Professor István Ormos

Edited by K. Dévényi & P. T Nagy

From the contents:

István Ormos: An Academic Profile (Tamás Iványi)

Publications of István Ormos

Doris Behrens-Abouseif (London): Orientalism and the Artisanal Revival in 19th- and 20th-Century Egypt

Zsuzsanna Csorba (Budapest/Piliscsaba): Remedies for the Head of the Mamluk Chancery: Dating an Arabic Medical Treatise 

István Hajnal (Budapest): The Evolution of the Traditions on the Fāṭimid Genealogy as Reflected in Two Different Versions of at-Tarātīb as-sabʿa

Máté Horváth (Budapest): Competence, Corruption, and Patronage in Mamluk Egypt: The Career of Zayn ad-Dīn Yaḥyā

Gergő Máté Kovács (Budapest): A Hungarian Architect in Early Republican Turkey: Ferenc Hillinger (1895‒1973)

Adam Mestyan (Durham, NC): Pious Endowments: Land and Women in Late Ottoman Egypt: Reading the Grand Muftī’s Opinions from 1848‒1849

Péter T. Nagy (Oxford): From Rabat to Marseille: Šālla and the 1922 Exposition Coloniale in France

Nilay Özlü (Istanbul/Oxford): The Ottomans at World’s Fairs: Displaying Imperial Patrimony

Nasser Rabbat (Cambridge, MA): The Palaces of Cairo’s Belle Époque

Lutz Richter-Bernburg (Tübingen): Ibrāhīm ibn Yaʿqūb aṭ-Ṭurṭūšī in Pavia: The ‘Regisole’ (A Re-reading)

Miklós Sárközy (Budapest): Arminius Vámbéry and British Conservatives: Some Further Notes on Their Correspondence

Avihai Shivtiel (Cambridge/Leeds): Biblical Personal Names and the Arabic Language

Zoltán Szombathy (Budapest): What is a Nominal Muslim? An Arab Traveller’s Encounters with Muslim Communities in 17th-Century Ethiopia

Mercedes Volait (Paris): Revival, Replica, and Reuse: Fashioning ‘Arabesque’ Furniture in Khedival Cairo

Dora Zsom (Budapest): Diverse Personalities of the Ecstatic Sufi an-Nūrī According to the Earliest Sources