The Arabist 44 has become online

From the table of contents:

Georges Bohas (Lyon): Masquer la métrique sous une apparente prose : émergence d’un genre littéraire

László Csicsmann & Erzsébet N. Rózsa (Budapest): An Ancient Regional Security Complex on the Rise: The Nile Water Controversy from the Perspective of Egypt

Antonella Ghersetti (Venice): Arabic Short Narratives and Narratio Brevis: Some Remarks

Tamás Iványi (Budapest): Ibn Rušd al-Ǧadd (1058–1126): Fatwās about Marriage and Married Life

Adam Mestyan (Durham, NC): Land Privatization in Islamic Law? The Case of Irṣād in Egypt, 1850–1950

Péter T. Nagy (Qatar): The Elephants’ Minaret in Budapest Zoo: Reorienting a Century-old Debate

István Ormos (Budapest): Ḥadd: a Technical Term in Arabic Works on Geography

Anne Regourd (Paris): Deux almanachs conservés à Harar (Éthiopie): Circulation et usages des savoirs et des textes

Zsolt Rostoványi (Budapest): Sharia in Great Britain

Sabine Schmidtke (Princeton, N.J.): Rudolf Strothmann’s Trip to the Middle East (1929/30): Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Anatolia, the Levant, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, and Yemen

Avihai Shivtiel (Cambridge/Leeds): Taha Hussein’s Humour

Máté Szalai (Budapest): The Role of Smallness and Responsibility in the Strategic Narratives of British Elites Regarding the Withdrawal from the Gulf Region (1968-1971)

Kees Versteegh (Nijmegen): Why ‘Emphatics’?

Dora Zsom (Budapest): Magical Leftovers from a Demolished House of the Theban Necropolis.