The Arabist : Budapest Studies in Arabic

Az  Arabist 38. száma már on-line is elérhető / Vol. 38 of The Arabist has become available on-line:

Sorozatszerkesztő / Series editor: Kinga Dévényi

Szerkesztőbizottság / Board of editors: Antonella Ghersetti, Anne Regourd, Avihai Shivtiel

A tartalomból / From the contents:

Kinga Dévényi: Apostasy in Modern Egyptian Law

Tamás Iványi: Women in the Rituals of Sunnī Islam  from the Middle Ages to These Days

Anne Regourd: Mission Dakar-Djibouti: la boîte oubliée. II. Deux rouleaux magiques éthiopiens (ms. BnF Ar. 7337 (2), (4))

Orsolya Varsányi: Mapping the Semantics of dīn (‘Religion’) in 9th Century Arabic Christian Controversy 

Dora Zsom: A Judeo-Arabic Fragment of the Magical Treatise Kitāb dāʾirat al-aḥruf al-abǧadiyya

István Ormos: Texts on the Early Hungarians in the Ǧayhānī Tradition: Review Article

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